CT Children’s Grand Rounds
Espen Matthew, MD, Richelle DeMayo, MD, CM and Timothy Lavigne, PhD- Pediatric Headache Center: An Interdisciplinary Management Model for Head Pain in Children and Adolescents- October 22, 2019
Priya Phulwani, MD, Anne Dudley, MD and Bonnie Scranton, LCSW, CST, CSE- Variations in Sexual Development- October 16, 2019
Richard Young, MD- Disorders of Eye Motility in Children- October 8, 2019
Jay Wellons, MD, MSPH- The State of Fetal Surgery After MOMS: Where Are We Now?- October 1, 2019
Joyce Lagnese, PC- Managing Parental Refusal of Recommended Care- September 24, 2019
Andy Combs, PA-C- Urinary Incontinence in Children: Differentiating between Benign Wetting and the Heralding of Significant Threats to Bladder and Renal Health- September 17, 2019
Donna Boruchov, MD- Voices of Sickle Cell Disease; Patient and Family Perspectives- September 10, 2019
Jessica Hollenbach, PhD, MSTCR, AC-E- Collaborating with Schools to Improve Children’s Asthma Outcomes- September 3, 2019
Julia Kearney, MD- Delirium in Pediatrics: The CAPD at 5 Years Old- June 25, 2019
Michael L. Nance, MD- Baseball, HOt Dogs, Apple Pie and the 9mm  Semi-automatic Handgun: Firearms and Children’s Way- June 18, 2019